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Foundation Hockey-Hockey / Sport for Development



The Hockey-Hockey foundation brings the sport of field hockey into action as a means to help the vulnerable children of the Indonesian Republic to a better future! We do this by organizing peoples and means for the purpose of sports, educational and welfare projects aimed at the vulnerable children in Indonesia.

Every week, we provide fun and accessible hockey activities for the kids. This way, Hockey-Hockey both offers a weekly sporty and instructive activity to the vulnerable youths and simultaneously stimulates the development of sport of field hockey in the Indonesian Republic.


De Hockey-Hockey foundation is fully focused on the Indonesian Republic. In 2017, a pilot project started in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Since January 2019, this pilot project has been transformed into a durable organizational framework with the establishment of the Hockey-Hockey foundation. The goal is to extend the activities from Jakarta to multiple cities, provinces and islands in Indonesia.

Hockey sport promotion

By supporting de activities of Hockey-Hockey we stimulate and promote the sport of field hockey in Indonesia. In the Indonesian Republic, there is virtually no organized practice of field hockey, and we are going to change that! This change will consist of spreading the hockey-virus, educating good trainers, establishing a framework for a youth league and enthuse stakeholders to participate.

Sport for Economics

De Hockey-Hockey foundation searches for corporations and organizations in the Netherlands that are actively involved in the Indonesian Republic. We are working on a sporty and interesting network around our hockey activities.



The Hockey-Hockey foundation offers an innovative approach to address the societal challenges of the Indonesian Republic. This approach has previously proved successful in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where the hockey club Feijenoord has been active since 2010. Both projects have been founded by Paul Veldhuijzen, who now has exported this successful approach to Jakarta.
Who we are

The foundation:
Sport for Development
Following the pilot phase,
active since 1 January 2019.

The board

Gerald Wolf

Gerard van der Vlugt

Paul Veldhuijzen

Advisory Board

Mr. Johan H. Wakkie
former director KNHB

Eric van Heck
prof. Erasmus University

Albert Bos
director STC

Our local team

Nicky Ali

Karen Hordijk

 “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

Michael Jordan

Basketball player

Our approach

De Hockey-Hockey foundation carefully selects an organization that provides care (education and/or shelter) to the target group.

Local representatives of the foundation establish first contact with the targeted organizations. Next, agreements are made between the local representatives and the organization concerning both the location of the training sessions and the oversight on the participants.The agreements between the local representatives and the organization are registered by the Hockey-Hockey foundation in a partnership agreement.

The subsequent move we want to make is the realisation of an actual Indonesian hockey league. For the execution of the programme, the Hockey-Hockey foundation will operate in collaboration with the Yayasan Hockey-Hockey, which has been established exclusively for the Hockey-Hockey programme.

All sports activities will be executed from the Yayasan Hockey-Hockey. The board of the Yayasan consists exclusively of Indonesian volunteers. The local Indonesian volunteers receive compensation for the activities. This way we create a durable programme that could be completely self-supporting in the future.

The trainers of the Yayasan Hockey-Hockey look after a short period of introductory sessions with hockey- and training material provided by the foundation. These introductory sessions are accesible to all children associated with the organization. After this introductory period, each child has to decide whether he or she is going to participate weekly. The Hockey-Hockey foundation organizes all the necessary material, the training sessions, matches and tournaments for the participants. The organization makes sure that the children can participate weekly and makes available the location for the training sessions.

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